Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi Figurines!

Yeay! I finally got my figures.. But the thing is, I bought myself too many! I bought two boxes.. And I only wanted a couple of the characters. Haha, it said that they were packed randomly, but it turns out, that BOTH of the boxes I got had EACH character in it, plus Rin in one box, and Len in the other! Isn't that just weird?! And it turns out.. In the end, I only had to buy one box.. OTL.

Anyways! I have decided to sell the rest off! Yes, I have at least ONE of each character! :D So now's your chance to get that particular character that they ran out of.. fast. lol. xD
If you want a picture of proof, like the characters with my name on it or something of the sort, I can get that for you, I'm just lazy.. To tell you the truth, I'm going on a trip soon, and I need to get these gone for my incoming stuff! xDD
Feedback, please check my other journal entries in the comments section, other livejournal users have left feedback-ish comments, my journal style is a bit different, so I don't really have a particular place for feedback, you see. ^^;;
Characters I have available~

Regular Miku
Hachune Miku
Sakine Meiko

Payment and Shipping!
I prefer Paypal, but I can take concealed cash too. ^^
Prices for individual characters vary, so please ask . I ship worldwide, I use the USPS shipping calculator, I'm located in Alaska, so it'll be a bit higher than usual.
To avoid lost packages and angry-ness to the postal people, I'm requiring insurance for all US packages, so i'll be an additional 1$ (or however much it is) automatically to the total. Also I am automatically adding paypal fees to the total, which is 3 %.
Also, please send me your shipping zipcode so I can get the estimates. ^^
My paypal email is sailorstar1818@hotmail.com
+ added paypal 3% fee~ 

Updated payment and shipping info and box info on 7.29, make sure to read that~
 UPDATED 11.25 on availability~
updated 7.11
Feel free to ask questions, and please tell me if I have anything missing. ^^

Up for grabs! Professor Layton PPP Figures!

So, I'm selling some Professor Layton PPP (Prop Plus Petit) Figures! Some pictures.


Description: Each figure with the stand is taller than 2 inches, but shorter than 3 inches. What I will send to you is the item inside it's box,(so the box is included) and included is the figure, the mini key chain and the stand with it's supporters. Nothing will be taken out. The box has been opened, to find out which character is contained inside, but that's it. The plastic containing all of the items have not been opened. Depending on which character you buy, on the platform, it has something written in Japanese and they're all different.

Characters I for sale and how many are available:
Professor Layton in his "Correct!" Pose : 2 SOLD
Professor Layton arms out pose: 2 1 available SOLD
Luke in his "Correct!" Pose: 1 SOLD
Luke in his thinking pose: 1 SOLD
Older Luke : 1 - SOLD
Aroma (Flora) In her disguise :2
Normal Aroma (Flora) : 1

Payment and S&H costs: $8 for each box. Shipping method will be USPS first class mail domestic in the US, and worldwide will be USPS first class international. And it will be in a thick cardboard box. For shipping estimates and costs, tell me your zip code.
Insurance($1.75)and confirmation(.80¢) is automatically included. +($2.55)total.
Payment method: I prefer PayPal, but if you can't use PayPal, email me, and we can figure something out.
My email is sailorstar1818@hotmail.com
If you will be paying with PayPal, I'll send you an invoice
My Paypal address is wildyrl@yahoo.com

I have ebay feedback, and it's upon request.

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FOR SALE! Shugo Chara Key chains.

So I have some extras. And I want to sell them.
Some info: They're officials Shugo Chara Gashapons, and they're about 1 1/2 inches high if you're just measuring the character. They come in a new unopened gashapon case with the character key chain and paper sheet. It's wrapped.

Costs, Payment, and shipping.

Keychains are $5.00 each.
I accept payments using Paypal, but if you don't have Paypal, contact me, and we'll talk. :)
Shipping in the US is USPS Domestic First Class, and Worldwide I will be using USPS International.
For shipping rates and estimates, give me your zip and I will give you the cost.

My paypal is wildyrl@yahoo.com

What's available:
Tadase: (2)
Rima : (2)
X Dia: (1)
Ikuto: (2) SOLDOUT

I have ebay feedback, and it's upon request.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^^

Selling Shugo Chara Version 2 Keychains!

I have no more keychains left, thank you.

 Selling Shugo Chara Keychains!



So, I ordered alot since there was a chance that I didnt get all of the charas, and I have tons of extras left, so Im going to sell them! :D

Description: Characters are about one inch tall depending on which one, brand new unopened and comes with a little character sheet. Pvc Material, officially licensed by TakaraTomy.

Cost & Shipping:  $6
.50 per character (I had to lower the price I need to get rid of them! D:). $5.00 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. . First Class shipping 3-7 days, with tracking. :) Anywhere else, ask and I will calculate shipping. $3.50 per additional keychains. 
I can accept payment by paypal, or by mail order. You can send mail order/payment right after I send the grand total. Send paypal orders to wildhsl

Let me know what form of payment you will be using so I can give you your grand total.  :)

Charas & how many left:
Miki   (0)
Il (Devil Character)  (0)
KusuKusu   (0)

Feedback: I have ebay feedback, and its upon request.

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